I first started Pilates with Marie to strengthen my core muscles to alleviate pain from a herniated disc. Since working with Marie, not only have no more “episodes” occurred with my disc issues, but the pain is gone altogether!  My body is stronger, more flexible and toned. And dropping two dress sizes is an added plus! The class is a lot of fun, too, as Marie creates a great atmosphere of camaraderie and spirit. .. Joanne Jaffe

I struggle with pain in my lower back and hip. Marie’s Pilates class had me feeling better right away. She’s a great teacher and I’ll continue to work with her. .. Michael U

I’ve been attending Marie’s fantastic Boot Camp since Day One. Each time there is a surprise and it is a good one. Her Boot Camp is nothing like the others. It is physically challenging yet full of love and useful information. She is the best instructor I have ever had. She is totally knowledgeable, thoughtful and super fit. Just looking at her makes you want to work out more. If you try it once, you can never go back to another ordinary workout! .. Yoko Welch

I receive Jin Shin Jyutsu from Marie. Her warm energy always helps me to be grounded, centered and rejuvenated. It is like a mini retreat in the midst of busy daily life. I always look forward to her session and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a balanced, happy life. .. Hisako O.

Marie has been providing me with Zen Shiatsu for a few years. One of the things I like the most is that she always takes her time and never rushes through. This helps me relax and makes the experience feel personal in nature. Another thing I like about Marie is that she is very healthy and has extensive knowledge on fitness topics. I have learned much from her, and can say that as a person and bodywork therapist Marie is just plain great! .. Arnold M

I had been fighting the bad back for over a year, not making much progress towards repair. After Marie’s ministries, I felt like I had been genuinely shaken out and laid out on a Persian Rug to rest. Now, I have a 30 year old degree as a Naturopath and I knew I had gotten a unique blend that was very effective. She completed the overhaul of my back and is working on some shoulder blowouts. Marie has a very varied background, her moves work well on muscles, skeleton and connective tissue, and one can feel touched by a very healing spirit. Gotta give her 11 stars, way ahead of the pack. ..
Steve Nechodom

“After packing up, driving across country and moving into my new place, my back was killing me. When I first found Marie I struck gold! Marie herself is soothing and calming, and her chair massages are amazing! After being a client for a year and a half, I moved to the south bay, but whenever I visit my sister in Albany, first on my list of “Do’s” is a chair massage with Marie. I always feel like I’m floating into a huge release of stress. Don’t miss this! ” .. Baba

I never thought about massage as therapeutic before I met Marie. Sure it always felt good, but now I really feel better! She has an amazing touch and can really work out knots and tension. I highly recommend her for body work. You will not be disappointed! ..
Leslie Reckler