Well Body Works with Marie Saito

Marie Saito - Fitness and Bodywork

It’s never too late to become your best self!

Your body is in a constant state of change. It responds to your habits, thoughts and attitudes. Your body craves wellness: you hold the keys to a more balanced state of health. Whether you’re in need of healing during a crisis, or simply want a more energized and aesthetic body, I’ll create a wellness program that works best for you.

I bring years of experience in Fitness and Bodywork, from Shiatsu to Pilates, Acupressure to Bodybuilding. My holistic approach incorporates the wisdom from Asian Bodywork Therapies, helping you achieve long term well-being and increased vitality.

You have an innate ability to heal, grow stronger and function better. Learn how to access your body’s transformative power.
I specialize in:

  • Self empowerment through strength and fitness
  • New body image
  • Injury prevention & rehabilitation
  • Stress reduction & emotional balance
  • Pain management
  • Cancer/chronic illness

It’s never too late to become your best self!

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